Hole 2

Hole 2 is a 459metre par 5. [Hole 11 is either a 420m or 460m par 5.]

With 240 metres to clear the water from the tee, a lay up is the popular play here. A long iron or fairway wood to give you a shot from 100 to 150 metres is the next challenge. The green is one of the largest on the course, just watch the bunkers on either side. Best to avoid the tall trees all the way up the left side also. For the 11th, the hole can measure 460 or 420 metres. The front tee opens up the opportunity to ‘’go for it’’ and try to clear the water. Depending on the wind, this can be a little tougher than it looks, judging by the quantity of balls in the water.

Men Par 5

Ladies Par 5